columbia ventures

Columbia Ventures is a team of curious, entrepreneurial collaborators driven to achieve the highest and best uses of the places they develop.

Our scope included a refreshed visual ID, a content package, and a custom website positioned to establish their company as reliable, accountable, and proven.

visual id

We tackled Columbia’s brand refresh by redesigning their existing assets in a fresher, more relevant, more scalable format.

That involved a new logo set, a new approach to color and font, and a new layout scheme, etc., as well as thorough usage guidelines to ensure proper handling of the work we delivered.



We produced an archive of photo and video content from which we drew material for an evergreen brand video and four case studies.

  • 3 shoot days
  • 5 interviews + supplemental ambient footage
  • Architectural photography
  • Drone footage
  • Video background loops for web placement


  • Increased number of monthly sessions by approx. 18 percent.
  • Increased number of monthly new users by approx. 13 percent.
  • Increased duration of avg. session.
  • Successfully funneled users to case study pages per project goal.

We designed and built Columbia’s website from scratch using no-code tech, allowing their team to directly manage content in an easily learnable environment.